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    h3. The Followers of Dionysos p. [[:bitchaz | Ain and Anat]]
    [[:arksev | Arkad and Severyn]]
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    [[:turdmongler | Boris]]
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    h3. Dionysos' Family p. [[:immaat]]
    [[:asteroth]] h3. Tyrus's Family [[:desma]]
    [[:filia …

  • The village idiot

    This poor lad was living in the streets of a small rural village south of Nahab. Fortunately his insanity was of the portentous kind, and now he rambles happily in Tyrus's dungeons instead.

  • Ossius, Tyrus's father

    Aged 52, Ossius was known in his town as a strict man and closely adherent to both his family's honor and the laws of the land. He is exceptionally smart and a reputable businessman. In his youth, he rose to his status quickly, and there was talk of …

  • Desma, Tyrus's mother

    Considerably younger than Ossias, Desma was wed to him in the age of seventeen, after Ossias had already collected much of his fortune. As the oldest daughter of a wealthy merchant, Desma had high hopes of being wed with nobility and was initially openly …

  • Filia, Tyrus's sister

    Aged 16 and the youngest of Tyrus's three sisters, Filia is the only one still unmarried. She is rather intelligent, seems mature for her age, and is certainly much more down-to-earth than her mother and younger brother. Filia is beautiful, but not …

  • Nikandrus and Metharus, Tyrus's brothers

    Tyrus's younger brothers are five and nine years younger than him, respectively. Ossias had not intended to educate them fully, but as things stood, Nikandrus was sent to the university in Tyrus's stead, while Metharus stayed home to learn his father's …

  • Atarpas

    Atarpas is one of the nemedian officers Barathus rescued from slavery. He’s young and had not yet finalized his education in the military academy before the war, but still a capable archery officer. Unlike Mazare, Atarpas is somewhat well-read and …

  • Mazare

    Mazare is the most seasoned veteran among the soldiers Barathus rescued from slavery. He is no longer young, but looks even older. Wrinkles and patches of grayed hair cover his face, enhancing the impression of a stressed old man. Mazare is …

  • Sallust

    Sallust was a childhood friend of Tyrus and the youngest son of a fellow merchant. He studied with him through all of his early life. Both chose to enter the university as young men and equally enticed of the possibility of learning forbidden knowledge. …

  • Josius

    Josius happened to witness both the sorcery of his master and the sanctum below his keep. Fortunately he no longer remembers being pissed off about his fate.

  • Octavia

    Octavia was game in some kind of a hunting ritual set up by a deranged nemedian forest cult. Luckily she never found out whether the entertainment she was set out to be was sexual or violent (or both), as Tyrus happened on the scene and bought her from …

  • Kallikretes

    Kallikrates is a city doctor who was a good friend of many merchant families residing near Belverus. When the possibility of moving to a bigger city and acting as a family doctor arose, he contemplated for a while, but chose to accept. The doctor is a …

  • Johnson

    Johnson is the off-game name given to a type of [[:mirrorling|mirrorling]] demon, which serves the Lord of Reflections. Power to summon them was given to Tyrus upon coercion with the Master Words and Signs, and he relies on their power in the most …