Zevras, the Philosopher of Decay

Sorcerer-Philosopher seeking ultimate purity through ultimate corruption


Zevras is a powerful sorcerer, a figure shrouded in mystery. It is known that he is the last heir of an ancient Zamoran noble house, which traces its legacy to the times of Atlantis, when his people were known as the Zhemri. He has a fortified palace near the royal districts of Shadizar. It is said he has not set a foot outside his palace for over fifteen years. He is very wealthy.

The adventurers have managed to put together a few facts about this sinister character. First, he is obviously a powerful sorcerer, capable of conjuring demons, manipulating minds from afar, projecting his image to great distances and making elaborate divinations. He is also proficient in the mystical ways of the East. The Golden Masks seem to treat him as their equal, not as their tool – the only person alive who seems to have earned such respect. His palace is filled with ancient traps and two Brylukas are bound to serve him, following ancient deals made by his Zhemri forefathers.


Zevras was once well known among the philosophers and theologians of Shadizar. He wrote pamflets of the decay of the Zamoran civilizations, longing for the days of Zhemri glory. In his works, Zevras argues that decay is part of the natural cycle of human civilizations. Moral and social corruption destroys societies from within, making them ripe for conquest from without. As the Zhemri civilization has decayed into its current Zamoran form, there is no hope for the people. Their only hope is utter, complete decay, from which a new, glorious civilization may again rise.

Perhaps it is this philosophy which drives Zevras in his sorcerous, insane goals. He has allied himself with the Golden Masks willingly. He is not a cultist, but an accomplice who knows what the Masks represent, perhaps better than any scholar alive. Nobody knows if he is insane or driven by philosophical fatalism, seeing his goal of new purity worth any means.

Zevras, the Philosopher of Decay

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