A demon sometimes summoned by Tyrus


Outsider 10 / Soldier 4

STR 16 HP 149
DEX 24 Initiative 15
CON 20 Parry 21
INT 14 Dodge 25
WIS 16
CHA 16 Fortitude 13
Melee Attack +15/+15/+10/+10/+5/+5, critical 15-20/x3 Reflex 15
Damage d10+5, rend 2d10+10 Will 14

Feats: Dodge, Finesse, Improved & Greater Two-Weapon Combat, Weapon Specialization, Weapon Focus, Improved Critical, Greater Critical, Iron Will, Ritual Sacrifice, Oppoturnist Sacrifice

Special abilities: Rend, Damage Mirror, Manifest from reflective surfaces, Terror of the Unknown


Johnson is the off-game name given to a type of mirrorling demon, which serves the Lord of Reflections. Power to summon them was given to Tyrus upon coercion with the Master Words and Signs, and he relies on their power in the most desperate situations.

Though Johnson cannot speak and has never attempted any form of communication, its movements betray intelligence and looming threat. Mirrorlings specialize in precision and speed, and coupled with their natural defensive abilities, it is extremely dangerous to face one in combat. Better yet, very few mortals can gather the courage to die fighting.

“No, I’m not going to summon it just for this. What if I stumble on my words and it rips me apart?” -Tyrus the First


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