Crawling Horror of Pteion

A crawling, tittering thing which weeps and laughes constantly in a femine, human voice


The creature seems to weep and laugh uncontrollably all the time, it’s voice echoing through the bowels of Pteion. A demon-fire thrown straight in to the mouth of the thing made it explode in a shower of gore and goo. Yet the bits and pieces were slowly crawling back together with the intent of reforming.


The Crawling Horror was one of the eldtrich terrors met by the Nemedians while exploring Pteion the Damned. They heard its weeping and laughter many times, always avoiding it in the labyrinthine tunnels. Finally, when they were investigating an underground garden maintained by the Serpent-Men (still unknown to the adventurers), the Horror managed to catch up to them.

For reason or another, the Horror was unable to enter the garden. Unfortunately, it was blocking the only exist from the area. Finally Noam voluntereed to take it down with an alchemical bomb. The others were not very hopeful of the outcome.

Noam charged in between the vegetation and was able to overcome the terror caused by the creatures appearance. It was a perfect throw. The demon fire hit the creature squarely inside the mouth with a spectacular result. The explosion was followed by a shower of giblets and goo. Noam was the only one to ever see the Horror properly. According to him, “It looked bit like a cockroach.”

When the Nemedians rapidly retreated from the garden, the smoking remnants of the Horror were slowly reforming.

Crawling Horror of Pteion

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