Sons of Set

An unnaturally large breed of snakes, sacred to the Serpent God


Sons of Set vary in size and power. Universally, they are slow to move but quick to strike. Their bite is enough to cleave a man half. If they fail to do so, the Sons will grasp the victim in their deadly embrace. The crushing coils of a full grown Son of Set are almost guaranteed to kill anyone. The older, greater serpents often develop intellect unexpected from a mere beast. The most sacred and dangerous among them are black with a white mark upon their forehead.


The heroes have faced Sons of Set three times and three times barely escaped with their lives.

In the tomb near Khemi, Alcemides faced a Son of Set slumbering in the tunnels connecting the graves. The snake was awakened by the half-pict, hungry for human flesh. A large dose of black lotus blossom drugged the great beast long enough for Alcemides to escape.

The second time the Nemedians encounters great snakes in the city of Erkulum. They were let loose on the streets during a holy day to feast upon the flesh of their chosen victims. The heroes made the mistake of moving under the eyes of a snake. It become immediately interested. They barely managed to outrun it by taking shortcuts in tight side alleys.

Finally, the heroes faced one great snake in combat underneath Belverus. A sect of Mitran fanatics had been manipulated to cause trouble by an unknown party. Attacking their base of operations revealed a temple of Set, long out of use. Among its occupants was a Son of Set, which was let loose upon the heroes by their foes. The dreadful creature cared little for puny sword blows and promptly made to swallow the resisting meal. Just as it was about to strike, a lucky throw of a demon fire hit the back of its mouth, blowing its head off.

Sons of Set

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