Children of the Dark

Creatures of the Outer Dark, called forth by sorcerers for nefarious deeds


Children of the Dark are creatures of the Outer Dark, beings of night and shadow. They appear as partially immaterial mummies, dressed in black drags and blending in shadows. They embody the extreme cold found in the lightless depths between stellar bodies and their touch burns like cold fire. They are extremely fast, stealthy and hard to hit, but draw most of their power from darkness.


The heroes have only met one Child of the Dark, in the dark land of Stygia. While fighting the priestesses of Sukhmet, a demon of darkness suddenly appeared. It attacked the women, paralyzing and slaying several, as well as making their mounts panic.

A rash attack by one of the heroes provoked the creature to turns its onslaught on them, while the priestesses fled. It proceeded to make amazingly quick hit and run attacks, seeking to paralyze the Nemedians one by one. Finally Tyrus managed to stop the creature by challenging it in a War of Souls. Unfortunately the creature proved stronger and tainted the soul of the sorcerer with the coldness of the Outer Dark. Dionysos had to join in the battle of wills to keep the creature in place. Finally as the unholy creature was set alight with witch-fire, the flames burned it to a crisp. Who summoned it and why, remains a mystery.

More than a year later, the heroes decided to lead an assault on an old keep that held the fifth part of the Scrolls of Vathelos. The keep was inhabited by pirates and Tyrus chose to summon a Child of the Dark to deal with them silently. The creature proved frighteninghly effective and allowed the scholars to reach the scrollchamber unopposed. More importantly, the lack of fighting helped to avoid alerting the turanian navy which was besieging the keep.

Children of the Dark

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