Admur of House Sevas, the Royal Advisor of Ophir

The royal advisor of King Ludovic, who led the heroes into a trap


A tall, charismatic figure, Admur is a man of mixed blood. He bears the features of both Hyborian and Shemite stock. Admur dresses in simple, functional clothes and seems to care little for wealth. He wields great power as the power behind the throne of Ophir. Though embroiled in a civil war, Ophir is a very wealthy realm thanks to its gold mines. Admur is an important cult leader in the area and organises the infrastructure of the building projects. His personal abilities and ambitions remain unknown.


The heroes first seeked out Admur as an ally against the cult. Barathus told the others Admur was an ally of Ishiti and willing to help them in the struggle. Admur advised the heroes of a local nobleman, who had been arranging suspicious shipments along the Red River. The nobleman, named Zerlaine, was financing a new castle. It was built for the royal prince and his new wife, as they would return to the capital before end of the year. The castle featured a large, prominent tower.

While investigating the castle, involvement of Zerlaine with the cult became clear. Admur agreed to help the heroes in assassinating the nobleman. He would arrange the local guard patrols the ignore the grounds around Zerlaine’s mansion and make sure there would be a ship waiting for the heroes at the harbor.

As the heroes broke in Zerlaine’s mansion, they found him already dead. Documents inside the mansion showed that it was in fact Admur who was behind the building project. Zerlaine has acted as a middle man, who handled the finances. He had loaned very large sums of money to Admur. While the heroes were looting the mansion, it was surrounded by soldiers of Ophirian Royal Guard. They had obviously been lead in to a trap and had to fight their way out of an encirclement to survive. Getting alive out of Ophir was a true challenge.

Later on Barathus claimed that Admur is a Serpent-Man – or the original Admur has been replaced by one. There is no news of his current status.

Admur of House Sevas, the Royal Advisor of Ophir

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