Sabaiat, the Deranged Puppet (dead)

Plaything of powers beyond his comprehension


Zamoran Thief 8 / Scholar 1

A short, bald man with manic, burning eyes, Sabaiat moved with the effortless ease of a professional thief. He was a master of disguises and deceit. Lately he had developed a great talent for public speaking. Sabaiat was rapidly losing his sanity and humanity to corrupting influences, for which he was but a puppet.


A professional thief of good repute, Sabaiat plied his trade from Arenjun, the City of Thieves. He had been a thief for hire for some time, performing custom deeds for wealthy patrons. His latest and last job was to steal a certain set of scrolls for a Nemedian nobleman from a Zamoran scholar.

The theft was easy, but on the way to Nemedia troubles arose. Sabait started to have strange dreams and finally, hear voices even while awake. The voices asked, told, ordered him to do strange and terrible things. Some of the things were too vile to contemplate even for a Zamoran thief. By the time he was in Nemedia, Sabaiat had agreed to do as the voices told him if they just left him alone otherwise… but it never works like that. He became a puppet.

The voices guided Sabaiat in to Nahab, where he started to seed rebellious thoughts among the peasant. He murdered an old Mitran priest loved by the people and blamed the nobility for it. Then the voices guided him to use the stolen scrolls to invoke the Unspeakable Oath. Through its power he used the body of Selcides to create a Starving One, a terrible undead monstrosity. Sabaiat used the monster to spread chaos in the city, as the voices ordered him to do.

When the heroes finally found Sabaiat’s hideout and killed him, it was mainly a release from the nightmares and gibbering, mewling screams at the edge of his mind. His tortured spirit could tell little than how he had come to the possesion of the scrolls. Sabaiat’s madness had eroded name of the Nemedian nobleman he had been working for – or it had been erased.

Sabaiat, the Deranged Puppet (dead)

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