People of the Great Ape (Defeated)

A tribe of barbarians who worship the Great Ape


People of the Great Ape are a tribe of aggressive mountain men living in Kezankians in the northeastern regions of Zamora. They are lead by an old chieftain, his sons and a devious shaman. They inhabit a pass and worship the Great Ape God in an ancient temple of unknown origins. The tribe is locally known for training gray apes as sacred guardians and hunters.

People of the Great Ape had a little over hundred warriors. At least 20 were killed and many more driven insane in the events that followed. They lost most of their apes and the ape trainer was slain. The core of their best warriors lived, as well as all the leaders. Still, the standing of the tribe among the other people of the mountains has been seriously weakened.


On the way north from Dagoth Hill, the heroes came upon a looted caravan. The markings on the destroyed wagons were identified as personal symbols of the Master of Acids, a legendary alchemist. It soon became apparent the caravan had been ambushed by mountain people and many of the travelers imprisoned. The group followed the tracks to the main encampment of the tribe and eventually liberated the prisoners.

The heroes had several clashes with the People of the Great Ape, killing dozens of their ordinary warriors and several of the chieftain’s personal guard. Still the createst loss was death of the Apecrusher, trainer of the great gray apes. His (literally) blind fury became his doom.

People of the Great Ape (Defeated)

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