Kezankian Rat King (dead)

A strange rat-thing with eldtrich powers


The rat king is composed of eight rats with tails tied together. It is intelligent and capable of commanding other rats. The rat king can cast spells and each individual rat seems to have some individual capabilities. Yet if the connection between the eight parts is severed, the parts will be dispersed and degenerated back to normal rats.


The heroes encountered the Kezankian Rat King while raiding ruins of an ancient Zhemri temple. It had made its nest in the inner tombs and collected many strange items from various looters. The creature used the rats in the area to guards it in great swarms and had set up several magical traps in the tunnels.

The creature tried to defend its lair, but the most potent weapon, the swarms of black bloodrats, were lured away with creative use of sorcery. The carrion stench of necromancy drove them mad with hunger and they followed Tyrus blindly away far in to the ruins. Luck was indeed against the rat king, as even the necromantic death trap malfunctioned strangely. Thus the heroes had little trouble marching up straight in to its lair.

The rat king sent Flavius flying, blinded him with a burst of necrotic energy and finally paralyzed him with a sorcerous touch. Basil fell victim to a similar spell, but in the end, Dionysos carved the foul thing in half with a greatsword.

It remains unknown whether it was the only of its kind.

Kezankian Rat King (dead)

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