Chosen of the Golden King

Decay and corruption given a form of flesh


Chosen of the Golden King are large creatures composed of yellowish, rotting skin and putrid flesh. Despite their vague humanoid shape, they are completely boneless and able to squeeze through the smallest holes. They are surrounded by a stench of decay and to look upon them is to see the whole world rot. They are driven by the very essence of the Golden King and very hard to destroy. The Chosen have tentacle-like fingers. When coming to contact with a living being, they try to detach in the flesh of the victim. If it succeeds, they turn in to maggot-like creatures, which burrow themselves in the flesh, spreading necrosis and decay.


Chosen of the Golden King are a whisper in the wind, legendary beasts which bring with them destruction and decay. Once one is born, it storms in to an uncontrollable rampage of destruction. Fortunately, one can only burst forth from a host, who has made the Unspeakable Oath.

The heroes first encounter such fell best in Shadizar, while trying to prevent cult from succeeding in their apocalypti rituals. The enigmatic sorceress “Dominica” sacrificed one of her minions to give birth to such creature. The terror of its pugnant form killed Mephon, a woman that had followed Barathus out of misplaced love. It was finally brought down by the necromantic powers of Dionysos, though not before badly wounding several of the companions.

Later in the climatic battle in the tower of Shadizar, several of the creatures were unleashed upon the cultists of Azoth. Despite their presence, cultist of the Golden Lord lost the day and the sorcerers of Azoth were able to contain the monstrosities.

It is likely this not the last the heroes will see of these fell creatures.

Chosen of the Golden King

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