Bulls of Mitra (defeated)

Bulls of Mitra were a conspiracy wanting to rid Nemedia of other religions


The Bulls of Mitra were a faction within the Nemedian priesthood of Mitra. They were composed of the most fanatical and ruthless clerics. They had considerable influence in Nemedia through various religious connections and wealth of the temple. The conspiracy was finally rooted out by High Inquisitor Demetrio, with help of the heroes.


The Bulls were manipulated by a local nobleman, who in turn was enthralled by fell forces. The priests believed they were fighting a holy war aiming to rid Nemedia of its religious tolerance. Mainly, they wanted to destroy credibility of the Cult of Ibis. It would be the first stepping stone leading against other faiths and the skeptics.

The Bulls committed public crimes, trying to portray the Cult of Ibis as a group of murderous Acheronian villains. Political assassinations reinforced this image. The priest inside the temple who did not agree to join the Bulls were assassinated. They likely also killed Selcides.

High Inquisitor Demetrio practically blackmailed the heroes investigate the Bulls for him. As evidence started to mount, Demetrio eventually helped them to arrange a covert attack on them. The nobleman responsible for the attacks and assassinations was killed in a chaotic fight.

Later on the Mitran priests cleaned up the remnants of the Bulls from the clergy. Officially there had been no problems within the priesthood of Mitra. Instead, the cult of Set was blamed for everything, including the campaign of propaganda. All Mitran involvement was quietly washed away, evidence destroyed and the guilty priests moved to distant temples.

Bulls of Mitra (defeated)

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