A bat demon out of Zhemri legends, invulnerable to common weapons


Brylukas are vaguely humanoid bat demons covered with a short furry hair. They have large leathery wings with clawed fingers. Their head resembles a large bat with great fangs. Brylukas have refined senses and are capable of flight. Their bites leave bleeding wounds. The leathery bodies seem immune to almost all forms of damage.


While in Shadizar, the heroes learned Zevras to be protected by two Brylukas at all times. They were bound by ancient pacts with the forefathers of the family to serve and protect him. While investigating other options for an attack, they learned how one of the creatures had been assigned to Samarides the Moneylender. It went out to parties and other public events somehow disguised as him, performing job as a decoy.

In the battle of the tower, the heroes were assaulted by one of the Brylukas. It tried to throw them off the top floor, but was defeated by the magical poison of the Byakhee. Whether it was destroyed for good or not remains unknown, but Zevras has at least one such beast left in his service.


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