Cult of the Dreaming Azoth

Self-maiming madmen from an obscure demon cult


Most of the cultists are maimed fanatics, who dress in rags and cover themselves with tattoos and ritual scars. They have been corrupted and driven insane by the revelations of the Dreaming Azoth – or “enlightened”, as their masters say. Majority are far too gone to ever go back to their normal lives. Those who can endure the revelations without going completely insane – or do so in an useful manner – are taught sorcery and act as priests of the cult.


The heroes seeked out the Cult of the Dreaming Azoth for support against the Cult of the Golden Lord. For some unfathomable reason, the followers of Azoth saw the Golden Lord as antithesis for their own cult. They were perfectly willing to engage in unspeakable acts just to cause the other cult minor harm.

In order to prove themselves worthy of the assistance, the heroes had to undergo strange rites. At the final test, they were challenged to gaze in to a deep well and endure the terrible sights within. Only then the high priest agreed to lend his aid. The heroes shared the intelligence they gathered with the followers of Azoth in the days that followed. Barathus and Basil were especially active in conving the cult to take their side The high priest finally agreed to arrange a full scale assault in the tower of Shadizar.

During the day of the rites, followers of Azoth assaulted the tower through the front doors. Meanwhile a small group of cultists infiltrated underground passages discovered by the heroes and struck the tower from within. A massive fight erupted in the tower between two mobs of insane cultists backed up by fell sorcery. Finally the followers of Azoth triumphed and claimed the tower as their. The heroes left Shadizar in a hurry and the current status of the cult is unknown.

Cult of the Dreaming Azoth

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