Singer for the Dead

Insane bard and priest of the Old Gods


Acheronian Scholar 10 / Tempter 5

Singer for the Dead is a middle-aged Acheronian man with manic manner and burning eyes. He is obviously insane. The Singer often stops to stare at things nobody else seems to see. Sometimes he speaks with people who are not here in strange voices and languages. Yet his insanity seems to be of prophetic sort and the few remaining Acheronian nobles respect him greatly. His voice is beautiful, melodic and rich, enough to make even the most jaded sorcerer stop and listen.

The Singer is known for his insight in to matters of ancient past and the Old Gods. The trouble is that to get a nugget of useful knowledge from him usually requires hours of deranged ranting. Ten years ago, the Singer went missing and was presumed dead. After the fall of Xaltotun, he suddenly appeared, more insane than ever – and with even more distracting tales to sing.


Song of a Mad Minstrel

Before his disappearance, the Singer was occasionally consulted by Acheronian nobility and the cult of Ibis on matters of history and lore. He knew chronologies of all the old families by heart and sometimes was used to solve inheritance disputes. He had a strange, respected position among the Acheronians of Nemedia and Border Kingdoms. His disappearance was briefly mourned, but it surprised none. His madness was well known. People assumed he had thrown himself in to a river, shrugged and went on with their business.

Ten years later the Singer crawled in to the yard of a manor house from the Darkwood Forest. He was mewling in unknown languages and none could bear the look in his eyes. Yet the madness disappeared soon and the Singer became herald for the Master. He convinced the followers of Ibis and the houses of Acheronian blood to arrange a great meeting in an old keep. His messengers carried old royal summon gems, which even Xaltotun had not possessed. The speeches he held in the summit were feverish and intensive, rolling with the relentless power of an ocean.

The heroes came in to contact with the Singer, as Dionysos tried to find a way to get rid of the curses of Tartarus. His lotus-induced visions finally lead him to the Singer. He turned out to be an obviously intelligent and completely insane. Dionysos managed to convince the mad minstrel that he and his companions would be useful to the Master. Thus the Singer gave directions how they might travel to the island castle middle of the Darkwood Forest and perhaps gain his blessing.

The last time the Singer was seen he was heading north to the Border Kingdoms.

Singer for the Dead

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