Kalanthes, the High Priest of Ibis

Leader of the secretive Cult of Ibis in Nemedia


Acheronian Scholar 19

Kalanthes is a tall middle-aged man with obvious Acheronian features. He is the high priest of Ibis, like his father and grandfather before him. He looks at least 30 years younger than his true age. Kalanthes dresses in priestly robes, which are simple but made of the finest silk with a headband decorated with crescent moons. His manner is pleasing and jovial at all times. Kalanthes is well-liked and respected.

As the high priest of Ibis, Kalanthes is seen as the primary enemy of Set in Nemedia. Thus even most of the priests of Mitra tolerate his influence and the influence of the cult. Kalanthes often masquerades as a jovial fool to bait people underestimate him. Under the empty pleasantries is calculating intelligence – not to mention his personal abilities as a sorcerer.


Kalanthes sees himself as a force of stability in Nemedia. He seeks to uphold the status quo in the realm. Kalanthes believes that the Acheronians may only survive through integration to the Hyborian society, by making themselves as useful as possible. Yet at the same time, they must keep a separate cultural identity through the cult of Ibis. Kalanthes sees at least nominal allegiance to Ibis as a duty of all Acheronian-blooded, so the cult may act as their voice in Nemedia.

He is against any harsh changes in any direction, in the fear of them unsettling the delicate balance of things. Kalanthes was one of the few Acheronians, who saw the rise of Xaltotun as a risk, not a wonderful new chance. Neverheless, he co-operated with Xaltotun in the fear of igniting a civil war where he would be stuck on the losing side.

After the Nemedian defeat in the war against Aquilonia, Kalanthes joined forces with the high inquisitor Demetrio to clean up the mess left behind by Xaltotun. In the process, he mobilized the cult of Ibis to find and suppress followers of the Golden Lord. As the Master started using the Singer for the Dead as his envoy and herald, Kalanthes was officially supportive. Yet he remained cautious as ever.

Young Dionysos met Kalanthes in the Acheronian summit meeting up north. They discussed the situation aboard regarding the cult of the Golden Lord. Kalanthes advised Dionysos to make contact with the cult of Azoth, if they were to go to Shadizar. He warned they were a group of murderous madmen, but opposed the followers of the Golden Lord. Kalanthes could offer little else, but a promise to keep an eye on the situation in Nemedia.

Discovery of the strange shrine under Rebhura Keep has somewhat complicated the relationship between the heroes and the cult of Ibis. Perhaps the religion of Ibis is not exactly what it seems.

Kalanthes, the High Priest of Ibis

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