House Abasani of Nahab

A noble family known for their decadence


House Abasani controls fourth of the city of Nahab. In addition, they have several tin and iron mines in the Urlaub Hills and vast tracts of fertile farmlands. Abasani are one of the wealthiest noble houses in the area, but are not interesting in using the wealth for political gains.


Head of the Abasani is Otho Abasani, an overweight man in late fourties. He has a reputation for decadence and is known to be a connoisseur of lotus and young women. Otho rarely leaves his urban manor, prefering its luxuries to the troubles of travel. His two sons, Altaro and Arus, are studying in the university of Belverus. Otho is married to Elinda of House Tavros, who seems to run majority of the House business. Abasani have only a handful of house troops, preferring to hire mercenaries when necessary. They are rumored to have connections to the Lords of Lotus.

Surprisingly enough, the religious Tavros are the major ally of the Abasani in the area. How they tolerate the decadence of the family is unknown. It is well known that the Abasani have economical disputes with the Merturo regarding mining right. Both houses mine the same silver vein from different ends and claim ownership of the entire silver deposit. The claim is still unsolved. Oto Abasani seems to harbor personal dislike of the House Turres, especially their young head Thespius.

House Abasani of Nahab

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