House Dianer of Nahab

A rural noble family of great influence near Nahab


House Dianer controls great amounts of fertile farmland along the Urlaub River. Their family has a history of marriages with Brythunian nobility and thus favorable trade ties to the realm. Dianers are isolationist and mostly interested in maintaining favor with old bloodlines, not achieving anything new.


Official head of the the family is Galter Dianer, a pampered and weak-willed dandy, who is still unmarried despite being 25 year old. Everyone in the are knows the house is truly controlled by his old mother, Zelata Dianer. She keeps an iron grip on the house and is known to be obsessed over etiquette. Most of the farmlands owned Dianers are run by slaves. Zelata is known to despise freemen and to long for “the good old days” when nobility were absolute despots.

Dianers have good relationship with the Voorment. Zelata is the cousin of the late lord Attelius Voorment and used to visit him weekly. No doubt she is witholding Galter for a marriage in to the House Voorment, unless something dramatic will change her plans.

House Dianer of Nahab

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