House Euras of Nahab

A house of merchant princes of great wealth but a few friends


House Euras control fourth of the Nahab city districts. They are a family of textile and tool traders, with extensive trade network through the Urlaub River and the roads of the region. Most of the craftsmen in Nahab work for them. The house owns little farmland, only enough to own a few manors. In the past, their ruthless business practices has learned them many enemies.


Head of the house is Karlus Euras, a twitchy, cowardly man somewhere past 30’s. He seems slightly paranoid and is always surrounded by armed guards. Karlus sees daggers behind every smile, but has managed to control his suspiciousness from turning in to an actual insanity. Rather, it has served him well as a business tool. It is hard to trick someone who always expects betrayal. Karlus is a fresh widow. His wife was from House Voorment. She died two years ago under suspicious circumstances. The secrecy concerning her death soured the relationship between House Euras and House Voorment. Rumors on the streets claim she was poisoned.

Euras and Gabrielo have old family feud dating back over two centuries. It originates from a duel, which resulted to the death of both combatants. Both houses claim the other cheated by having a poisoned blade or some other trick – details vary depending on the source. Nevertheless, the feud has stayed as a constaint stain, which dictates the etiquette of local high society. If members of both Euras and Gabrielo are to be invited in to a party, they must be placed as far away from each other as possible.

House Euras of Nahab

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