House Gabrielo of Nahab

A family of warrior-nobles obsessed with tournaments


House Gabrielo are one of the oldest families in the region. They claim their ancestors fought alongside King Nemed in the dawn of history. They have an old keep east from the Urlaub River. House Gabrielo owns vast tracts of land and control several small villages. Much of the land is dedicated as pastures and used to raise horses and cattle. The house breeds warhorses, which are famous throughout Nemedia.


Head of the house is Strom Gabrielo, an old knight who is still famous for scores of tournament victories throughout Nemedia. Strom is obsessed with horses and skill in arms. He maintains a large amount of professional men at arms and drills them personally every day. Strom’s oldest son Gromel disappeared in the war against Aquilonia. He is still officially heir of the house, as Strom refuses to declare him dead. Two younger sons, Emilius and Numa, live in the keep and train martial skills daily to appease their father.

House Euras and House Gabrielo have an old feud, which has turned in to a local institution with passing centuries. There are at least two dozen different stories on the origins of the dispute. They all agree only on one fact – there was a duel, where both participants died. Both houses claim the other cheated, through a poisoned blade, sorcery or some other dishonorable action.

The relationship between House Gabrielo and House Pefero is strained due to economical questions. Certain areas of land near the river are disputed between the houses. Pefero’s claim that animals belonging to Gabrielo regulary graze on their lands. At the same time, Gabrielo’s do not approve the lax attitude House Pefero maintains towards their serfs, peasants and slaves.

House Gabrielo of Nahab

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