House Merturo of Nahab

A family of mine owners


House Merturo own scores of mines in the Urlaub Hills. The slaves dig for tin, iron and silver for their masters day and night. The Merturos live in an old hill fortress, which has several modern additions. Most of their land is deliberately left wild – they can afford it thanks to the mining. The area is used as a hunting ground, a sport which Metruro’s have always been passionate about.


House Merturo is somewhat of a mystery in the Nahab region. They seem more interested in their relatives in Dinander, than the other local nobility. Head of the family is Brocas Merturo, a large, muscular man known for his obsession with hunting. Brocas arranges a large hunting trip to the Darkwood Forest twice a year and is the only noble with good relations with the people of Resnia. His three sons usually accompany their father, while his two daughters are still too young to be wed away.

Merturo mine the same silver vein as House Abasani from a different direction. This has lead in to increasing tensions between the families. The matter has been taken to courts of law, but is still unsettled. The vein is very rich and losing it completely would be a hard blow to either house.

House Merturo of Nahab

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