House Pefero of Nahab

Rural nobility, who mingle freely with their underlings


House Pefero own great amount of land on the west side of the Urlaub River. Their peasants and serfs are wealthier than most in the area, for their tax them relatively lightly. The house even maintains a school of sorts in their manor grounds, where peasant children are taught rudimentary things about Nemedian law and history.


Member of the House Pefero are rarely seen in any high society events. They are universally laughed at behind their backs for caring too mcuh about their underlings. Head of the family is Aratus Pefero, a nobleman in early fourties. He is known for a hearty laugh and overwhelming hospitality towards the rare guest. Aratus, like his late father, is something of a diletante scholar. Thus it is no surprise he and the Turres are on friendly terms.

Gabrielo and Pefero have long running dispute on land usage near the river. Pefero’s complain that the other house let their cattle and horses graze on their land. However, House Gabrielo is not their greatest rival. Tavros and Pefero are openly hostile to each other. House Tavros claims peasants must be subjugated and uneducated in order to please Mitra – a view met with open mockery by Aratus Pefero.

House Pefero of Nahab

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