House Tavros of Nahab

A very religious noble family


House Tavros is best known for their utter dedication to Mitra. Their donations ensure the local Mitraneum is lavishly decorated and impressively built. The local high priest has traditionally been second son of the family. The Tavros tax their peasants and serfs very heavily.


Head of the family is Arideus Tavros, a pale, sickly fanatic somewhere over fifty. He keeps control of the House with an iron grip. Women are especially subjugated and must wear veils all time in a peculiar eastern fashion. Arideus has almost two dozen children of varios ages. He spends most of his time in an underground Mitraneum in his fortified manor.

Somewhat surprisingly, Tavros seem to have good relationship with the Abasani. Head of House Abasani is married to daughter of House Tavros. On the other, their intense dislike of their neighbours, House Turres, is more expected. The scholarly pursuits of the Turres are seen as a sign of heresy among the Tavros. For several decades, the two houses have been squabbling over the fate of the Red Tower, a ruined tower of Acheronian origin. The Tavros want to tear it down, while the Turres see it as a historical remnant and reminder. On the other hand, House Tavros has always had ill will towards House Pefero for their too lenient treatment of commoners.

House Tavros of Nahab

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