House Turres of Nahab

A family of scholarly nobles


House Turres are a small rural noble house with little influence or riches. However, they have strong connections to the university of Belverus, where their scholarly pursuits are greatly appreciated. Their family library is the most extensive ones in the local area and contains some rare ancient books, which scholars travel to examine from far away.


Head of the family is Thespius Turres, a contemplative scholar around 25 of age. He is currently unmarried, as his wife died while giving birth two years ago. Krallides, father of Thespius, is still alive, but he has officially left leadership of the house to his son. Krallides retired to Belverus three years ago in order to dedicate the rest of his years to the university. Two younger borthers of Thespius are studying with their father.

Religious fanaticism of the Tavros have set the two neighbours on colliding courses many times. The situation is not likely to change, though the scholars have befriended House Pefero as support against the Tavros. The conflict between the Abasani and the Turres seems to be of more personal nature, though the exact nature of it remains unknown.

House Turres of Nahab

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