House Voorment of Nahab

A noble family with political ties to the royal court


House Voorment controls fourth of the city proper and has been the most influential family in the area since House Rebhura died out. The craftsmen who do not work for Euras are underlings of Voorment. Most of them are metal and wood crafters, basing their trade on the resourced from the mines in the hills and the lumberjacks in the Darkwood Forest.


House Voorment was hit hard by the recent unrest in Nahab. Lord Attelius Voorment, head of the family, was the head inquisitor of the city. He was killed by the ravaging monster which bore the likeness of Selcides. The monster slaughtered the entire family, including lady Voorment and their two sons. Captain of the Voorment guard, Sigur Greyen disappeared shortly after while hunting for the monster. Thus lordship of the house has fallen to Tespides Voorment, youngest son of late Attelius, who was studying in Numalia during the attack.

House Euras and House Voorment used to be business partners and political allies. This changed two years ago, when wife of Karlus Euras died mysteriously. She was daughter of the late lord Attelius, who suspected foul play. When Karlus refused all official investigations, the relationship between the two families quickly soured in to a trade war. House Dianer is on the other hand a steadfast ally. Zelata Dianer, the de facto head of the house, is cousin of the late Attelius Voorment. It is widely believed Zelata plans to marry her son to the daughter of Tespides in a move which will practically unite the houses.

House Voorment of Nahab

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