Lady Nehira, the Wicked Wife of Barathus

A corrupt noblewoman obsessed with eternal youth


Pelishtim Noble 1 / Scholar 10 / Temptress 5

Lady Nehira is a gorgeous Pelishtim woman with fine Shemite features. She looks currently somewhat over 30, but is actually much older. Nehira always dresses up to the social standards of the enviroment she is in. However, she always find a way to add distracting elements in her outlook, whether it means a dress cut too low or clothes made of translucent fabric. Nehira has learned to cover her corrupt and sorcerous nature even from most sorcerers.


The heroes first met Lady Nehira in Shadizar the Wicked, where they sought her support in their struggle against the cult of the Golden Lord. Nehira had assembled a sex cult from bored jnoblewomen of Shadizar, whom she used for her own amusement. Her corrupt, fickle nature became quickly obvious and the rest of the heroes were amazed when Barathus decided to marry her.

Lady Nehira was born as the youngest daughter of a Pelishtim noble family. In her teenage years, she was seduced by the priestesses of Derketo, abducted from her family and eventually taken to Stygia. In the snake-haunted land, she became used to hedonistic lifestyle and experienced many strange, corrupt pleasures. Eventually Nehira became lover of a Stygian prince and his priestess-wife. The priestess had a dark secret she eventually entrusted to Nehira. Imprisoned in an underground chamber under their palace was a demon of darkest sexual desires. The priestess introduced Nehira to the demoness Kara Prama and she made a pact with the creature. Eventually, after encouragement by the demoness, Nehira murdered the priestess and the prince and left Stygia, taking the dark altar of Kara Prama with her.

When this happened, Lady Nehira would not say, but at least several decades has passed since. She came to Shadizar at least fifteen years age. Nehira quickly established quite a reputation among the most jaded hedonists of the wicked city. She formed a cult of her own from corrupt noblewomen, who were willing to deal with Kara Prama in exchange of beauty and strange pleasures. Kara Prama gifted her the sorceries of eternal youth, but lately their effect seems to be fading. Lady Nehira is obsessed with regaining her early youth by whatever means necessary and baffled why her sorcery seems to be failing her.

Kara Prama had been coaxing Lady Nehira to leave Shadizar for some time. When she came in to contact with Barathus, the demoness saw him as a good candidate to marry Nehira. Marriage would give Nehira a reason to leave the city, an established social status to mask her activities and a new place to continue her research. The match was made and to the amazement of his companions, Barathus married the woman she barely knew. Lady Nehira left Shadizar shortly before the attack on the tower, intent on heading to Nemedia and making her way to the lands of Barathus’ family.

Lady Nehira, the Wicked Wife of Barathus

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