Maldiz, the Naive Zamoran Cultist

A naive cultist who become the unwitting spy for the heroes


Zamoran Noble 5

Maldiz is a jaded nobleman of a rich Zamoran family influential in Shadizar. He had tried several demon cults in the area, drifting from one to another out of boredom. Eventually he was recruited to the cult of the Golden Lord. Maldiz is a handsome man in late twenties with curly dark hair and expensive taste. He loathes all physical activities which do not bring immediate pleasure.


An idle rich from birth, Maldiz has never done a day of anything resembling work. From young age, he dedicated his days to hedonism. After having experienced all mundane pleasures Shadizar the Wicked had to offer, the young noble started dabbling in the occult. Luba stumbled across him in X’athallas Palace of Pleasure. Drunk and drugged, Maldiz boasted of his membership in the cult of the Golden King. She promptly seduced and then hypnotized him.

Dionysos and Luba picked brains of Maldiz empty by sorcerous means. He provided them with a lot of details about the cult operations in Shadizar. Unfortunately, Maldiz turned out to be just rank and file member of the cult. He was milked for gold and knew little about higher echelongs of the organization. Still, the heroes used him succesfully on several occasions to spread disinformation among the cultists and to arrange several attacks. His memory was cleared after each use and he still has no idea about his role in hampering the cult in Shadizar.

Maldiz, the Naive Zamoran Cultist

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