People of Nahab

The common people of Nahab


The common people of Nahab have become used to freedoms unheard of elsewhere in Nemedia. The lack of complete lordship over Nahab forced the local nobility to treat the bourgeois and craftsmen leniently. This makes them more prone to evade taxes and plot among themselves, if brute force is used against them. People outside the city walls have, on the other hand, been used as tools and rewards in the petty plotting of the local nobility. Selcides was their only defence against the nobility and his murder left a current of anger which will take years to fade away.


Many citizens were impressed by the generosity of Tyrus and Barathus showed in the funeral feast of Selcides. The heroes, especially Alcemides, left a lasting impression upon the common people of Nahab during the running battles on the streets and roofs of the city. Hunt for the undead horror Selcides had turned in to was met with a mixed reaction. Some of the people, manipulated by Sabaiat, saw the creature as a tool of divine punishment sent by Mitra to smite the unworthy. Even after death of Sabaiat and defeat of the monster, some still believe in his lies.

People of Nahab

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