People of Resnia

Woodsmen living in a free village on the edge of the Darkwood Forest


The people of Resnia are mostly hunters, trappers and lumberjacks. They are secretive and isolationist. They are feared and shunned by the peasants. They whisper dark things about Resnians, claiming they are heretics, skinshifters and worse. The village of Resnia is a free settlement according to ancient treaties. The inhabitants select a mayor upon their number, who collects royal taxes directly for the king. Local nobility have no power over them.


The heroes first heard of Resnia, when they were investigating the farms which should pay their taxes to Tyrus. Several of the farmers upstream towards the forest told they were already paying taxes of sort to Resnia. They were fearful of beasts of the forest and gave part of their yields to the villagers in exchange for protection.

As the heroes passed through Resnia, they learned great many things about the village. The woodsmen appeared to secretly worship a deity of the forest, though their cult showed no apparent dark side. Alcemides impressed the locals by taking part in a bar fight and enduring a lot of punding before being beaten senseless. Finally Barathus and Tyrus convinced the mayor to stop “taxing” the peasants. The mayor seemed amused by the claims that Resnians had blackmailed the peasants. He warned ceasing their protection would lead in to animal attacks.

People of Resnia

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