Scholars of Belverus

Historians, philosophes and scholars of the university of Belverus


Nemedia is widely known for her scholars and philosophers. The most respected are the historians of Belverus, who write and maintain the famous Nemedian Chronicles. The university of Belverus has an extensive library, which includes many rare, ancient volumes. The inner hambers of the library are only available to those who have contributed to the amassed knowledge somehow.


On their return to Nemedia, the more scholarly heroes sought advice from the university of Belverus. They had heard the library included a copy of the Scrolls of Vathelos, or at least a poriton of them. Acquiring the original proved out to be impossible. However, Basil offered the library copies of his journals concerning various historical events and locations. He managed to broker a deal, where the Scrolls of Vathelos would be copied for Dionysos and Tyrus in exchange for his information. While they stayed in Belverus, Basil held several lectures on Atlantis, Acheron and ancient history in the university and was given a honorary membership.

Scholars of Belverus

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