Zidinna, the ex-wife of Zevras

Decadent ex-wife of the Philosopher of Decay


Zamoran Noble 1 / Temptress 8

Zidinna is a hedonistic temptress somewhere around 40 of age. She is of an old, rich Zamoran nobility with plenty of financial assets around the corrupt kingdom. Servants and slave take care of her every need, leaving her to jaded boredom. Zidinna was married to Zevras for ten years, but they were divorced about a decade ago. She tends to loudly complain about him being “boring and dry like a Hyborian”. Zidinna was part of the cult of Kara Prama mainly for social reasons – it gave her another tool to humilate her admirers. Now that Lady Nehira has left Shadizar, she will come up with some other machinations.


The heroes sought out Zidinna in order to gain intelligence about Zevras. She turned out to be co-operative, as the heroes amused her with their suitably decadent gifts. Zidinna told them how Zevras was an utterly boring man, who saw no value in hedonism and instead saw the Zamoran society as corrupt and rotten. His answer was to seek a way to purge the rot – and as he found none, to hasten its passage so something new might arise from the ashes. Zidinna bore Zevras one son, Nabud. After their divorce, Zevras sent him to study somewhere far south, away from Shadizar the Wicked and its corrupting influences. His mother seemed uncaring about his location.

Zidinna told the heroes about Lady Nehira and her cult. She invited them to join a party thrown by the lady in order to introduce them to her. Most likely, she only wanted to see how the foreigners would react to the corrupt orgy. She as well warned the heroes of the Brylykas serving Zevras and his personal sorcerous capabilities.

Zidinna, the ex-wife of Zevras

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