Ambrosia Fiends

Berserker brutes addicted to ambrosia


Ambrosia Fiends are huge, muscular men of indeterminable ethnic origins. Their mental capacity seems dim, as they mainly grunt one word sentences. They are usually directed by cult priests. They are completely fearless and willing to charge an armed foe emptyhanded. When under the effects of the ambrosia, they are even more dangerous. Frothing with rage, they need to be hacked to pieces to bring them down.


Ambrosia Fiends were first encountered by the heroes in the corrupted temple island of Ishtar. At the time, they thought the muscular madmen were enforcers of the Sabatean Golden Peacock. They showed complete disregard for their own lives, throwing themselves in blades for a chance to grapple their foes. Only great amount of physical punishment or fell sorcery could bring them down.

The heroes encountered Ambrosia Fiends again in Ophir, where they were employed as heavy duty labor. They were involved in building the cult tower in the capital. After having observed their eating habits – they were swallowing huge amount of raw meat – Barathus named them “gluttons”.

Since then, the Fiends have been found where ever the cult acts openly. In Shadizar, they formed the core of the tower guard. Only the overwhelming numbers of the Azothian cultists helped them prevail in the chaotic melee.

Little is known about the Fiends. They appear human to the Witches Sight, but are look so same as if they had been made in a smithy instead of born from a woman. Depriving them of their precious ambrosia will seriously weaken them in a couple of days. Longer lack of supply might well kill them.

Ambrosia Fiends

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