Bound Demonic Stallion


Male Large Outsider (demon) 10hd


Having been bound to the service of the Thaurian family millennia ago as the reward for some heinous service to a Demon Lord or Great Old One, Asteroth is simmering hatred incarnate. He delights in trampling the mortal foes of his masters to a pulp and feasting on their marrow, since he is denied taking his frustration out on the Thaurians. While he obeys his “owner” without question, as he must, he is by no means polite, heaping curse and profanity upon another if addressed in any mode other than the imperative. Were anyone kind enough to free him by completely wiping out the family he is beholden to, he would surely be grateful enough to reward his liberators with a quick, relatively painless death. Asteroth can, with profane flourish, insult any characters unfortunate enough to meet him in Acheronian, Demonic, Nemedian, Old Stygian and Zamoran.


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