Aunt Lavinia

A demented old witch


Female Medium Outsider (Acheronian) Scholar 13


Though it is claimed that Aunt Lavinia has never known a man, it is rumoured that she has been pregnant on numerous occasions, and …things… have been seen slithering down the sides of her tower and vanish into the woods beyond. A withered old crone, her form nevertheless betrays a pulsating vitality uncommon for her age. Her lustful gaze burns with a powerful, if utterly insane, personality. Often dismissed as a harmless old idiot, all fall silent to hear her prophecies. Recently, she foretold (or something revealed to her) that Xaltotun would fail in his attempt to resurrect Python and bring down the Usurper King. Trusting her vision, the Lord Thaur-Mekhet sent only his youngest (and most useless) son, along with a small contingent of crossbowmen and engineers, to serve in the doomed quest of the ancient. Aunt Lavinia has since dreamt that Dionysos, whom she regarded as something of an apprentice, survived the fall of Xaltotun, but remains in great peril. Most of the time, Lavinia stays in her tower, preparing a multitude of various herbal and alchemical concoctions, which are mostly welcomed by the apothecaries and healers in the town below. Her animal ally is a semi-intelligent albino corvid called Nepthys.

Aunt Lavinia

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