Countess Baalat-Xenia

Dionysos' Stepmother


Female Medium Humanoid (Zamorian) Temptress 4/Noble 4


A raven-haired Zamoran beauty with smouldering dark eyes and a voluptuous figure, Baalat-Xenia bears her thirty-one years of age well. Some say the third wife of Count Ba’al-Mekhet, is rapidly becoming the true power in the county. Possessing courtly manners unknown to others in her new family, she has managed to cultivate allies beyond her own twisted realm, though her success in this area remains largely unappreciated by her master. Endowed with a cold, reptilian patience and relentless ambition, she spins her webs of influence across Nemedia like a Zamoran giant spider. She was, however, married solely to satisfy the base lusts of his decadent lord, and to this effect she is quite well suited: Having learned some secret Mysteries of Anuket, her merest touch can bring about ecstacy that can stimulate even those most desensitised by excess.

Countess Baalat-Xenia

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