Lord Barathus the Insane

A fallen nobleman, whose silver tongue hides a rotten soul


Ever since I was born, people have had great expectations of me. Since I had primogeniture, everyone needed me to be the golden son. My father Davros and mother Thella wanted me to focus on developing my skills in the arts of politics and diplomacy, twisting truth and telling lies for the best of House Sorrelon. That was not what I wanted. I could relate more to my
grandfather’s stories of war and honour. His influence made me rebel against Davros and his vision of what our family should be. If the future would be in my hands, I would shape it with truth and justice, not with lies.

- Barathus, days before joining the Nemedian army

The Sorrelon family had long been more of a military power then anything else. It had neither the wealth nor the connections to make it politically notable. All that was to change when Davros got in charge as a young boy after his father, old Barathon began acting demented and what people would call ‘insane’ in his thirties. He didn’t much care about the army or his father’s beliefs and started working for his own interests. In just two decades, most of the military might had been gotten rid of and with carefully planned marriages, wealth had been brought into the family in exchange.

Even if Barathus rebelled against them, he was more of a conciliator then a warrior. His family let him see the world, with the ongoing invasion in Aquilonia going so well. What could happen to a sheltered Nemedian noble? They had connections to send him where it would be safe. But little did they know. Barathus didn’t go as a knight in shining armour and with others watching
his back, he joined the Adventurers wanting to make his way up to knighthood from there. No one could say he got it all for free.

After the Nemedian army and Xaltotun were defeated by Aquilonians led by King Conan, Barathus found himself running away, or as he he would put it, helping others to survive the rout. He joined a small group of fellow Nemedians and with them he travelled around the world for the next two years. Even when he returned to Nemedia for the first time, he found only little time for his family as there were more pressing matters. Stygia had changed him, as he had spent almost half a year there, opening his eyes to see enemies far greater then mere men. In a fight against Cult of the Golden Masks, he would lose his life or obtain victory greater than anyone would ever believe.

“A remarkably responsible fellow with a healthy dose of self-respect. He’s good in rethoric, and with that powerful presence I can really see him going far in life. A good swordsman, too – taught me a lot.” -Tyrus, son of Ossius

“The days with Isset changed him. When we were dealing with the Cult of the Golden Lord, Mephon and Zaphmed could but watch as he spiraled into madness, undulating in the lunacy of those around him. By the gods, the company I keep…” -Tyrus the First

Lord Barathus the Insane

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