Priestesses of Bast

Followers of the Cat Mother in the dark land of Stygia


Bast is the goddess of curses and thus the priestesses excel in bringing down curses upon their foes. They are protectors of children and pregnant women. Cats are the sacred messengers of Bast.


During the time spent in Khemi, the Nemedians joined in the festivities of Bast. Part of the festival was a challenge open to anyone, where a man would meet great cats in duel to death. Those who lived the challenge would be welcomed as guests of honor in the orgy in the temple.

Barathus faced a panther armed and armored – but his deeds were overshadowed by Alcemides. The half-pict fought a lion naked and unarmed. The great cat mauled him badly, but in the end he was victorious with discreet help from Tyrus.

Alcemides was held as the primary guest of honor for the rest of festivals. He was seen as blessed by Bast and promised hospitality by the priestesses for the rest of his life. Unfortunately he never had a chance claim the promises.

Priestesses of Bast

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