Bhaal Akhep, a Lord of the Black Ring

A mysterious sorcerer


Nothing is known about the personal capabilities of Bhaal Akhep. The heroes have never met him in person.


The Nemedians first came in contact with Bhaal Akhep through their connection to Thothmekri, the priest of Set. In Zingara, Thothmekri was acting on his behalf in the attack against the Cult of the Golden Lord. When the heroes arrived to Stygia, he had arranged ready a set of trading permits for the Nemedians. It is obvious that Bhaal Akhep is very influential in the snake-haunted land.

In Pteion, Dionysos disappeared and would only reappear after months of absence. He claimed amnesia of the time that passed. During this period, Dionysos called himself “Bhaal” and traveled extremely fast to Ophir and Zamora, then to Shem through Koth. In Zamora he had acquired Luba and Basil, paying a kings ransom for their services to the priests of Yezud. In Koth, “Bhaal” went to have an audience with Pelias in the Scarlet Citadel.

Later Dionysos claimed it was Bhaal Akhep who had possessed him and used his body for purposes unknown.

Bhaal Akhep, a Lord of the Black Ring

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