Count Ba'al-Mekhet of Thauria

A Sinister Warlord


Male Medium Humanoid (Acheronian) Scholar 3/Noble 7/Soldier 5


The Count is an aged but uncannily virile man of demonic intensity, with a complexion that betrays his Acheronian legacy. Despite his noble status and his great learnedness he is a brutish fiend who mercilessly and ceaselessly torments all around him, despising all inferiors and hating all superiors. He rides into battle atop an uncanny steed bound into his family millennia ago, leading a unit of heavy cavalry supported by savage hill-folk skirmishers, crossbowmen and acheronian engineers with fell engines of war. His cold gaze betrays a razor-sharp mind that has been the doom of many a great and noble opponent. He cares for nought save his own power, and in the game that is his life, all others are either pawns or obstacles to be destroyed. In the aftermath of the war lost by king Tarascus, Count Ba’al has made occasional grabs at the neighbouring fiefs, though he would likely not be able to muster enough forces to permanently claim them. His family ties represent his status among the Acheronian remnants, while his cohort (Acheronian Scholar 13) and followers represent his manorial staff.

Count Ba'al-Mekhet of Thauria

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