Desma, Tyrus's mother

Would-be noble and would-be matriarch


Considerably younger than Ossias, Desma was wed to him in the age of seventeen, after Ossias had already collected much of his fortune. As the oldest daughter of a wealthy merchant, Desma had high hopes of being wed with nobility and was initially openly disappointed from her fate.

While Desma isn’t as religious as Ossias and nowhere near as strict, she was also wary of Tyrus’s actions and afraid of his interest in the occult. However, she opposed sending their son into the army, though perhaps simply because of concern towards the future of her family.

Pampered in her childhood and spoiled by her husband, Desma is narcissistic and self-centered. She is truly esctatic that Tyrus realized her childhood dreams of nobility and this has completely redeemed her son in her eyes. Desma doesn’t truly care about anything that isn’t directly related to the benefits of her new title, but is well versed in etiquette and telltale stories about noble lifestyle. She openly aspires to become a wise old matriarch and admires Sallust for his skills in politics and scheming. Desma considers herself to be in extremely good terms with the caretaker, though the relationship is somewhat one-sided.

Desma, Tyrus's mother

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