The Collector (dead)

An obese pervert, who was delighted by the cries of the insane


Zingaran Noble 4

Don Estebio, The Collector, was a hideously obese man of an undeterminable age. He covered his vast bulk in red and black silk and golden jewelry. He lived in a crumbling mansion and had squandered most of his wealth in the pursuit of various perversions. Still, he wielded considerable influence through old connections with other degenerate families in Zingara and beyond.


The Collector was the right hand of Baron Castante in running the cult business in Kordova and whole Zingara. He had long worshipped the Golden Peacock in secret and possessed copies of the all three tomes in his private library. Joining the cult of the Golden Lord was not a big step. His hedonistic insanity had passed the common levels and been refined to something else.

The Collector was called so for his hobby and passion. Under his mansion was a natural cave connected to the sea. It had been used long time ago by an ancestor involved in smuggling. During times of political intrigue, it was refurnished as a dungeon. This setup was put to good use by the Collector. The cells below were filled madmen plucked from the streets and bought from kidnappers and slavers. The Collector loved to sit in the middle of the cave and merely listen to the music of their cries. Sometimes he “composed music” by ordering henchmen to hit, flog and otherwise abuse the prisoners in a specific order. He claimed the music contained keys to the secret knowledge of the world.

The Collector was eventually killed by Alcemides. His head exploded like a ripe melon from a well placed arbalest shot from the shadows.

The Collector (dead)

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