Father Grigori

Priest of Zath


Cohort of Luba, Dionysos’ wife

medium male humanoid (Zamoran) level 11 scholar


A grey-bearded man in his fifties, Father Grigori belongs to a powerful and ancient Zhemri lineage. His natural curiosity and reflective nature drove him to the ranks of priesthood, and he is mildly repulsed by the crass, shallow materialism that seems to dominate his native culture. While usually affecting a mild, non-judgemental demeanour, the man is crafty and cunning, with an almost obsessive drive towards perfection in all matters that make him an excellent administrator. He has a substantial independent source of income from family estates near Yezud, which has certainly aided him in his ascent in the Hierarchy of Zath.

Father Grigori

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