Filia, Tyrus's sister

The sole embodiment of the innocence of youth in this bleak world.


Aged 16 and the youngest of Tyrus’s three sisters, Filia is the only one still unmarried.

She is rather intelligent, seems mature for her age, and is certainly much more down-to-earth than her mother and younger brother. Filia is beautiful, but not extraordinarily so, and while this is more than enough to make her the light of day for many a soldier in the courtyard, Filia has no illusions on the matter and she resents her mother’s vanity.

The child has rather mixed feelings about her probable fate, as she knows that the only reason of his maritial status is that her father had always intended to use her as merchandise in inter-family business – a fate shared by many girls in her world. Now that the family’s newfound nobility has risen the stakes, her wishes will probably be heard even less.

She realizes that from a purely materialistic standpoint, this is probably more than adequate, but despite her apparent maturity, Filia believes in romantic love like all young girls. She never really hoped for much, but the total lack of control in her own life makes Filia bitter and depressed. She does her best to hide it, though, and no-one except her chambermaids have any idea of her innermost thoughts.

Filia, Tyrus's sister

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