Eaters of the dead, secret denizens of the night


Ghouls are brutish creatures with tight, slippery gray skin, dirty claws and mighty jaws. Although superficially humanoid in shape, their monstrous nature is obvious up close. They speak in titters and grunts among themselves. Usually when encountered they are rabid and savage, showing little resemblance of intelligence. Yet some among their numbers use tools and may even master sorcery.


One of the sinister truth the Nemedians have learned during their journey is the existence and relatively common occurance of ghouls. Under the earth, in secret catacombs they dwell, feeding on the flesh of the dead. Who knows where their tunnels reach – perhaps to every city of man and in to the depths of underground hells. Theirs is the world of darkness, hunger and crunching bone.

The heroes first faced ghouls in Zingara, while robbing an old tomb for the young Korzetta. The tomb was guarded by ghouls, who unsuccesfully tried to reclaim the loot from the tomb. Those ghouls were the first supernatural foe the heroes defeated in combat.

In Stygia, the Nemedians found signs of possible ghoul activity in the ruins of the dark land. Yet they encountered none in person. During the journey through Shem, the heroes confronted bandits with ghoulish features. It appeared as if they were half-way through some terrible change of shape from human to ghoul.

In the ruins of Tartarus, the heroes had to fight with a whole legion of ghouls. Some of them were armored and armed. Their leader was skilled in mighty necromancy. The intelligent ones used the more animalistic ghouls as cannon fodder in an attempt to tire down their adversaires. Fortunately for the adventurers, the necromancer’s own mighty spell got the best of him in the heat of battle, forcing the ghouls to retreat.

Since then, only the occasional snap in the night has reminded of the presence of these creatures.


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