Immaat, Dionysos' sister

Young Witch


Medium Female Humanoid (Acheronian) Level 1 Scholar/ Noble 2


Immaat, the youngest child of Count Ba’al Thaur-Mekhet is, though clearly expressing her Acheronian heritage, quite possibly the sanest individual in her twisted family. At the tender age of fifteen years, she is already showing great aptitude for sorcery, and her stepmother has been impressed with the panache with which Immaat has taken to courtly affairs. She has not yet attracted suitors, possibly due to her distance from the larger cities of Nemedia or the ill reputation of her family, but it is inevitable. A petite nymphette whose large dark eyes betray a fiery lust appropriate for a woman three times her age, Immaat is readily recognized as a valuable resource by her parents. On the other hand, growing in her hellish home has mutated her natural desire for affection and human contact into an incessant, unsatiable and unnatural lust that will eventually drive any sane person away from her, though this escapes the attention of her depraved family members. Possibly her only familial relationship approaching normalcy has been with her brother Dionysos, whom she adores despite the scorn heaped on him by the Count and his elder brothers.

Immaat, Dionysos' sister

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