A Kothic priest, who had corrupted the temple island of Ishtar in Ophir


Kothic Noble 1 / Scholar 8

Khossus is a tall, obese man with crafty eyes and thin, cruel lips. He is corrupt in every sense of the word, though his nature is not immediately obvious. Khossus commands a large number of cultists and had half a dozen Byakhee set to serve his whims. Despite his hedonistic, decadent tendencies, Khossus is intelligent in a twisted way. His personal capabilities remain unknown.


Khossus came to Ophir from Shem, where he had spent several years in Sabatea. He was recruited to the cult of the Golden King there and sees little difference between the Golden Peacock and the Golden King. Most of his personal retinue are Sabateans changed and addicted by the ambrosia.

In Ophir, Khossus managed to take over the temple island of Ishtar and smuggle inside a dormant avatar of the Golden Peacock. The destroyed mask was brought to there from Messantia and prepared for reformation using the Golden Peacock. As the tensions in Ophir got worse, local Mitrans turned against the priestesses of Ishtar. They fled to the temple island, where they were subdued by Khossus and his minions. The priestesses were prepared as a proper sacrifice to reform the mask.

Meddling of the Nemedians made things harder than Khossus anticipated. However, he is still alive and at large somewhere, no doubt continuing on with his plots.


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