Zarono Korzetta, the Desperate Nobleman (..dead?)

A young noble doomed from birth, desperate to avoid the fate ordained by a family curse...


Zingaran Noble 1

Zarono Korzetta was a tall, handsome man with dark eyes and hair. He moved with grace of a dancer and was well versed in the arts of decadence. Only his eyes betrayed deep rooted horror – the driving force behind his every deed.


Name Korzetta is old and cursed in Zingara. It is said ancestor of the family dealt with demons and was struck with vengeance so terrible, it carries on from generation to the next. Whatever the truth, he Korzettas are known to die young.

Zarono had studied the history of his family and knew more than the most. It was that very knowledge he tried to lose in idle decadence. When the doom would come, at least he would die happy. Cult of the Golden Lord offered a glimmer of hope. Demonstration of sorcerous power by Baron Castante made Zarono a member. Perhaps the Golden Lord could protect him.

The young Korzetta met Dionysos while carousing in Kordova. Seeing potential in the Nemedians, he helped to arrange bets for their arena fights. In the process, he made himself a small fortune. Zarono introduced the group to Castante, unaware of their connections with Thothmekri. He hoped they could be recruited to the party. Eventually he convinced Dionysos to take the group for a tomb robbing for his benefit. Zarono used the retrieved items to further his position inside the cult. He disappeared before the attack in the manor, having left for Stygia to join the Pteion expedition.

In Pteion, Korzetta was one of the cultists Nefertari chose to sacrifice to the Guardian in the bowels of the damned city. Korzetta saw the Guardian as it fed on his comrades. He was driven insane by the sight. Overtaken by terror, he sought refuge in an ancient sarcophagus and jammed it shut. The Guardian did not notice or care and young Korzetta was left inside to die. Terrified to die alone in the dark, he made the Oath to the Golden Lord. For the great surprise of both parties, he was let out just in time by the Nemedians.

The unlucky nobleman was too shocked to be much of use. He gave a ranting description of the events in the city with the froth of madness upon his lips. The very presence of the Guardian had corrupted his very flesh. As a side effect, the Golden Sign started to manifest upon his very flesh, oozing decay down his very face.

As the Nemedians looted treasures of the tombs, the Guardian was again awakened. Sensing its presence, the heroes decided to retreat with great haste. While fleeing, Alcemides noticed the change overtaking the young Zingaran. He promptly stabbed Korzetta to death with a quick strike. Yet when the body the ground, it started to undergo a terrible change. It appeared as something was about to burst forth from within.

The heroes chose to rapidly advance in the opposite direction.

Zarono Korzetta, the Desperate Nobleman (..dead?)

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