Sergio Kostokos, the Sewer King of Messantia

The king of Messantian sewers, who "taxed" much of the loot from Tartarus


A short, thin man with dark hair and piercing gaze, Sergio Kostokos is one of the movers and shakers in the City of Coin. Only few realize the sewer workers get to move as they please in the city of secrets – and Sergio learns everything they know. He is the undisputed leader of the Sewer Guild and thus master of the literal underworld of Messantia. Being a life-long guildsman, he has a standing grudge with the merchant princes. His personal capabilities are unknown to the heroes.


The heroes only met Sergio briefly, in unfortunate circumstances. Spies working for the guildmaster had long been aware of the cult operations in the upper levels of Tartarus. They had agreed to pay tribute to the guild, so Sergio left them in peace. Yet he worried about obviously supernatural forces at worked and hoped for away to get rid of them without risking his men. He noticed how many of his men were dominated by the cult sorcerers… Yet an open retaliation might be more expensive than it was worth.

When the easily recognizable Alcemides and Dionysos were seen near the sewers, Sergio came up with a simple plan. The cult had promised a huge sum for the capture of the heroes, so he deducted they must be rather dangerous. Thus he pulled back all the men from the sewer area, hoping that the heroes would take care of his little problem for him. The plan worked admirably and the cult mining operation was destroyed. Out of curiosity, Sergio left the section of sewers open while planting spies at strategic locations. He wanted to see what the ill-famed Nemedians would do next.

The waiting game paid off, as the heroes broke in to the tombs of Tartarus. On their way out, Sergio ambushed them together with a sizeable force of his best men. They were offered safe passage out in exchange for a “sewer tax”, a portion of their loot. Alcemides promptly charged and was hit in the chest by an arbalest bolt, dropping him instantly. Rest of the men, exhausted from their ordeals in the tombs, surrendered a large portion of their yields. The items included two large, heavy tablets of solid gold, inscribed full with an unknown language.

The heroes soon left the city, but swore vengeance to the Sewer King. He may yet come to regret his decision to let them go to further trouble the cult, instead of killing them there and then.

Sergio Kostokos, the Sewer King of Messantia

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