Luba, Dionysos' wife

Priestess of Zath


Cohort of Lord Dionysos Thaurian

Medium Female Outsider (Zamoran, Spawn of Dagoth Hill) Temptress 7 / Scholar 6


A tall, lithe but voluptuous figure, Luba has a striking appearance. Her unnaturally pale skin and weird eyes betray her demonic heritage, as does her inhuman agility. A former virgin dancer in the temple of Zath in Yezud, Zamora, her superiors effectivewly sold her to a Sorcerer of the Black Ring of Stygia, for reasons that remain obscure to her. Nevertheless, she has ambitions of her own, and having attained full priesthood, intends to use her husband, Lord Dionysos, as a resource in extending the worship of her spider-god to Belverus, in Nemedia.

Though coldly pragmatic, Luba’s faith is genuine. She considers any means acceptable to the end of spiritual purity, and is not above using fell sorcery or cruel manipulation to reach that goal. She is quite protective of her brother Basil, and is deeply concerned over his apparent descent into corruption in the pursuit of ultimate power. He considers her husband something of a lost cause, but puts up with his depravity out of both loyalty to her cult and fear of the formidable forces arrayed against her.

Luba, Dionysos' wife

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