Scheming scoundler


Male Medium Humanoid (Acheronian) Thief 6/Noble 1


In contrast to his brutish twin, Mahat-Seth, having inherited the Acheronian blood of his father, possesses a devious cunning along with a ruthless, calculating mindset, though the arcane heritage of his clan has eluded him. He is tall, rail-thin and possesses black hair and yellowish-green eyes combined with the complexion of a marble statue. He moves with the languid, silent grace of a venomous serpent and strikes without warning in both social and martial settings. He intends to use his violent and simple-minded twin brother as a battering ram with which to advance himself in the Society of Nemedia, usually ignoring his lesser siblings and ambitious stepmother. In combat he serves in the capacity of a scout and messenger. In his spare time he searches for buried Acheronian treasures from forgotten crypts and ruins. While possessing his own estate, he spends a great deal of time at the mansion of Sutekh, partaking in wild orgies and torturing captured slaves and peasants like a cat toying with its prey. Needless to say, he is not well liked and many a commoner of Thauria dreads the day the Twins come to power. Unlike his twin brother, Mahat-Seth will try to avoid combat except on extremely favourable terms. He may not care for much, but he values his life very much, and can be very patient when it comes to avenging some slight, wheter real or imagined.


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